Transition / Performance / Re-entry

28. Mai

Playfight @ Gayt Gallery (get your tickets > here)


Playfight and Objectification – A Social Sculpture

Festival of Sensations

Coming soon:

Playfight for Love Guys, Australia – verschoben

Transformatives Schreiben: Invitations

Consent for Tattoo Artists

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Workshops 2021

28. November _ 3rd Playfight Evening at Maschinenraum

28.August _ Intentional Touch, a slow version of Playfight – at Maschinenraum Tattoo Studio, Vienna

April _ Present/Absent, Das gegenwärtig Abwesende – at Stretch Festival, online

April,May,June _ Drawing Borders I,II,III – Consent for TattooArtists


July _ Bow to Yourself at Stretch Festival


Rope Jam for Village.Online


Corona Connect – An Online Programm by Queer Body Workers Vienna

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Playfight men only at Village Berlin photo by Jean-Baptiste Huong

photo by Jean-Baptiste Huong

Most Workshops are held in English.

>Workshop Concepts

Events 2019

12. May : Queerfight at FÊTE du Slip, Lausanne

24. May : Talk “CONSENT: clarity – borders – connection”
talk and panel discussion by and with Sara Ablinger

21.-23. June – CONNECTION, Consens and Communication
Workshop facilitated by Sara Ablinger and Dorian Bonelli

16. Nov. : Queerfight-Playfight / male edition

23.-24. Nov. : CONNECTION, Workshop

later 2019

Mask and Minimalism _ PowerPlay/Constellation Work/Installation Art

Transformative Writing _ Object/obstacle

Events 2018
16. Dezember : Hybrid Movement . BodyParkour with Ákos Hargitai, Bodylibrium® Movement with Roman Freistetter, Playfight_QueerFight with Dorian Bonelli

22. September : Playfight _Queerfight . mit Lian Brugger @ Transpride Köln

12. Mai : Transformatives Schreiben : Growing @ Seestadt Aspang

Past Events

“Playfight” / 2nd Non-Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies Conference, Vienna

“Transformative Writing” / Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig
“Playfight” / Trans*Inter-Conference Munich
“Transformative Writing” / Kunstkanal, Vienna

“Transformative Writing” / Schwelle7, Vienna
“Playfight” / Trans-Conference Potsdam

“The Fifth Element” / Organisation und Support
“Territory:Maleness” / Schwelle7, Berlin

“Love me Gender” / “Xplore – Festival for Art and Desire”
“Maleness” / Schwelle7, Vienna

>Workshop Concepts