Transition / Performance / Re-entry

The Game is already played.
The Video tonelessly repeats an affair that remains a thing of the past, a game that doesn`t become present no more. The images repeat a show whose relevance they themselves extinguished. The game is already lost on one side and won on the other. Through videotaping it is – in it`s abstract moves – saved for the future but at the same time it`s irrelevance for the concrete moment becomes tangible.

“They say only we could know…”
Context and Connection alone breathes life and savour into the remembered.
But none of this is to be found in the representation.

Suspense is the hardly bearable sense of delay. In this border case of an attempt to remember the implicit imperative:”Recall your/our history!” ever only meets silence and the process of confession, the biographical script reaches deadlock.
The words are slowed down to the brakingpoint of dialog. Understanding holds it`s breath. Fragments of an interlanguage remain barely useable.
What remains is excessive compulsion and the wilderness of a story without reflexivity.
>Suspense< means to go over the speedlimit of the dynamics of desire.
 the plot of this game is not that of a small death but a far-flung perishing.