Transition / Performance / Re-entry

These Workshops are all about

They are frames for honest connection to yourself and others. You experience trust and in-security. You learn to say No and to own – your space, your body, your voice and your story.

My work is inspired by the experiences I make as a transgender person and with expanded sexuality. They connect me to non-dualistic logic and the process of transformation.

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By getting in contact with our opponent´s power we get into contact with our own strength. It is an encounter between dominance and dance in which we search for our own unique expression of power and perseverance.
The process will be induced by specific exercises around the various aspects of play and fight: like speed/slowness, stability/flexibility, intention, lead&follow a.o…
In the second part of the workshop we challenge each other in a one-on-one confrontation in the middle of attentive spectators.
This is an intense and unique opportunity to share our vulnerability, dedication and beauty.

Playfight men only at Village Berlin photo by Jean-Baptiste Huong
Playfight men only at Village Berlin
photo by Jean-Baptiste Huong

Transformative Writing
Who am I and what do you make of me?
Who are you and what do I see in you?
What could we make of us?

Writing as an empathetic process. Writing in exchange. Writing in confrontation with limits and illusions. With a clear vision and wishes in mind.
Transformative writing starts with offering personal material to each other and it results in a different version of ourselves.

Territory : Maleness
The examination evolves around the topic of territorial behavior. Beyond the all too common distinction male vs. female, we investigate the yearning to belong, the tendencies to take space, the need to draw borders and the desire to identify and own.
organization: Rainhard Gaida

Love me Gender…
with Sue*

“Gender” is an important part of our identity, our self-perception, our security or insecurity of who we are. But Gender is more than navel-gazing, sense of self or self-definition. Gender is as well cultural practice in exchange with others. What we feel is not necessarily what we represent to others. What we perform towards others is not necessarily what they see. What they see is mostly their own projections and wishes.
We investigate in the process of being gendered, owning a gender and performing gender. We are looking for the point where our self-perception, wishes, fears and public or self-projection meet and new perspectives are developed.