Transition / Performance / Re-entry

“In a perfect World You would be my Alphabet”

is an ongoing collaboration between Frederik Marroquín and Dorian Bonelli.

They build site specific installations and design performances in accordance with the space.

In their improvisations they embrace each other as obstacles and inspiration, giving voice to each other by listening carefully.

Included in this dance/fight/confrontation are the audience as well as the choreographic objects built for the play.

In dialog with the sculptures even the surrounding architecture transforms from container to resonance space.

One can call this explorations transformative art.


Beginn BewegungsRecherche, Installation und Entwicklung:

August bis Dezember 2022

Bildraum Studios

in der Ankerbrotfabrik, Absberggasse 27, A-1100 Wien



Installation und Showing, Herbstfest Kulturhaus Brotfabrik


25.11. 2022

Bildraumstudios Final Showing


Fred and Dorian first met in the context of Queer Playfight. This was a monthly meeting for queer people in Vienna established in 2016 and facilitated by Carolina Frank and Dorian Bonelli.

In 2018  a bunch of artists and body workers were recruited from this group to experiment with scores, power play and installations. Among other things, they worked intensly with eye contact, movement restriction and weight. The foundation of this was the trust, the search for connection, consens culture and community that had been establish through playfight. Marroquín and Bonelli continue to integrate this method in their artistic work.

Find an example of this practice included in a performance here:

smA_20220724_182333 copy

The writing on the floor is used as a ritualistic tool for assignment or invocation. It can also be placed next to people. It is abstract and asemic.

Its forms are derived from the body not the mind.

It’s not just about leaving traces; it’s about touching the space, owning the space, understanding the surrounding as an ex- tension of self.

It’s about going into resonance again, breaking down the established seperations of people and places, bodies and minds.


26. 9. 2022

Raw Matters, Brunnenpassage

2023 Jänner – März

Weiterführende Recherche und Transformation der Installation

11. 3. 2023

Performance Kunsthalle Exnergasse, queerartspaces

1.-2. 7. 2023

sitespecific Installation and Performance

„52 Zähne / being present in time 365 days“

Bonanza Fest, Köln

im Alten Pfandhaus