Transition / Performance / Re-entry
Somatic Artistic Research Group / Workshop
OBJECTIFICATION – a social sculpture
Date: 3. u. 4.Dezember, 11 a.m. – 3.p.m.
(Day 1 can be booked seperately)
Location: Bildraum Studio | Brotfabrik Vienna Absberggasse 27, Stiege 9, 1100 Vienna
This Workshop
is a combination of performance art and encounter group.
It ìs a conjunction of constellation work and installation art.
If you feel like sharing a creative process with a group, explore and play together and journey to the edges of your personal power
in a caring and explorative setting, please join us!
In a radically non-dualistic manner we approach objectification as a source of bliss and n_oneness.
Focusing on somatic practices we open a space for collective creativity.
As Objects we switch from holding our selves upright to being held and from moving to being moved.
We focus on body weight and explore the meanings of carrying and being carried.
We use objects and other matereal to deepen the experience.
Finally we will open the laboratory for improvisation and see wher the art of submission wants to carry us.
You don´t have to identify as artist or bring any special skill to enjoy this experience.
We will take time to warm-up and integrate.
Effects of participation could be: Getting inspired, connecting to others, getting centered in your body,
feeling seen, deep relaxation, enjoying movement, feeling playful, getting creative, becoming grounded, being present
Your facilitator: Dorian Bonelli
Cost: free donation, recommendation: 40-80euro
Registration via DM to Dorian @expanded_embodiment , (till 26th of November)
We will also play with the choreografic sculptures from the installation >In a perfect World You would be my Alphabet
In a perfect world you would be my alphabet
is a Performative Installation
by Frederik Marroquín and Dorian Bonelli
at Bildraum Studios, Kulturhaus Brotfabrik Wien
Final presentation
Fr. 25. Nov. 22, 18:00