Transition / Performance / Re-entry

family responsibility family friends acquaintances relatives people then again saying no not the people the spaces they move in we draw a distinction you draw a distinction I draw a distinction and on the sheet of paper I simply cancel it out and we dance away we dance we play family responsability define narrow down outline flee to be recovered to be retrieved to return return home and from there a structure grows you sign it and it is granted and you do not understand I am your sign I am your ruler it`s even you strike through my line I strike through your line and the next and the next sun and the next star and then back again erase annihilate and again a crowd of people of eyes of observers heat culminate get together of people of artists then again art institution or simply this space this space we fill very slowly occupy fast faster breath intervene even faster faster touch very lightly while passing by passing over run run run flow draw draught draw away the line sign over outline nothing pursue nothing away away from here away from you from the you family responsibility friends where is the bottom line what do you relate to when I enter the room where is it when is it when does it pass your eyes shine like stars brilliantly bright even your organs to be found here your organs your innards the green gastric juice the slime the snot you ass you mouth different again again different sun satellite you a dot without organs a fix star of my existence and then then red giant and then then then peeping the machine she surrounds us and while we are still thinking the machine starts singing a melody listen I want to say to you not with the ears solely with the heart this organ that is no¬† organ but with the brain the unorgnic fragments partial partial partial which part do you want to take in do you choose left right over below do you choose to sing the only possible verse and you go n sing a song I`ll make flowers instead and you go and sing a song sing a song and you go and your death is now and now and we don`t think as long as we consider life each question is a death a beautiful little death an opening sprinkled out each question opens you up carves you out vulnerable is your little death the decisions must be made and the day of your departure is long written down and there would be still words to say and there have been words said but those you tried they are long gone and you forget them and you lose yourself and I loose myself in one-night-stands in that single night in the endlessness the big love occurs in the shortest period of time and the best die young and when we are done with each other with our bodies then it`s time to cross this line the whole matter changes and you don`t want to die the whole matter changes but you don`t want to die you don`t want to leave you don`t want to get further than up to here and you see this paper on which everything was drawn on which everything is written and you know it doesn`t have to be that way because you can cross through that line your line can cross out a line and your line can be crossed and your whole chain of thoughts changes and then you stop thinking and you don`t want anything anymore you only want to die you want to make that one unique gesture you only want to die but your time has not yet come but your time is here and you sing to each other and again you are floating into a space and everyone is there family friends acquaintances family friends friends of the friends the city the country the seasons the stars you only want to die like the old farmers died to become one with earth which… but what are we working on where is the earth where is the seed where is the strength where is the hand that leaves behind traces what remains I don`t ask about it I see it what remains is the hand that murders