Transition / Performance / Re-entry

I want to find words by you
Along the turquoise turtle´s path
Back to where she was born to
Washed with waves of salt

I want to find those Imperatives
you dropped, out of fear
I wanna follow your commands
Just so they are not lost

The way is traveled twice
The distance´s name is a number
I am really bad with numbers
I am good in pain and perseverance

So don´t call me an Aquarius
That´s not what I am
That´s just a Game of Stars and Numbers
And Numbers they ain´t good with me

I am a path you can rest your feet on
And a devoted dog you won´t get rid of
A dragon guarding your dreams
And a transman perverting your feminist´s feelings

We are a prophecy coming true
But it´s not written in the stars
It´s written under our skin
By our own hands
Have your way with me